Sweat it out, brush it off Introducing High Intensity Interval Painting

How it works...

How it works...

Unlike any other work out, H.I.I.P. Hype challenges your mind, body and creativity. For 60 minutes you’ll explore a heightened state of mind-body awareness as you alternate between painting and body weight exercises. You’ll wrap up with a 15 minute mental cool down where you’ll showcase and discuss your piece.

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Why H.i.i.p. Hype

  • Get Fit

    Get Fit

    Fun, high-intensity bodyweight exercises performed in short intervals will get your heart rate up and burn lots of calories.

  • Get Fit

    Get Creative

    Increased energy levels will allow you to tap into your innate creative abilities and release your inner Picasso!

  • Get Fit

    Get Hype

    Studies show that switching between physical and mental activities results in a heightened state and unfiltered freedom of expression.

Meet your trainer...

Meet your trainer...

Sayco will take you on a small journey with every class. He is a notable artist and fitness veteran who will inspire you to push your physical and creative limits. He finds the perfect balance between mind and body with every session. You’ve met artists, you’ve met athletes, but you’ve never met Sayco.

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Location & details...

Location & details...

Every 90 minute class begins with 15 minutes of mind-body warm up, 45 minutes of alternating exercise and painting at one-minute intervals and ends with 15 minutes of painting presentations.

We'll provide everything you need such as a yoga mat and art materials. You'll leave in a heightened state of mind and the canvas is yours to keep!

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Do I need to bring anything?

No. You are provided everything you need which includes a yoga mat, easel, canvas, brush, and selection of acrylic paints. You will take your canvas home with you.

Is this good for beginners?

Yes. Most participants have little to no painting experience. And unlike many fitness classes, you won’t stick out like a sore thumb if you don’t know the routine. Beginners are in good company!

Can I participate if I have an injury?

Yes, definitely. We are happy to work around any injury you may have. All that we ask is that you arrive several minutes early and disclose the nature of your injury to Sayco, this will give him a chance to arrange some alternatives for you.

What happens during a class?

Every 90 minute class looks like this: for 60 minutes you’ll alternate between painting and cardio workouts. You’ll start with a light warm-up and some general suggestions for finding inspiration in your surroundings, then you’ll start alternating 1 minute intervals of exercise and painting until one hour has ended. For the remaining 30 minutes of class each participant will take a moment to discuss their piece and inspiration.

Where are classes held?

We currently offer NYC based classes located in Central Park (Sheep Meadow) and Thompson Square Park. You may select your location when you book.

Do you offer one-on-one or private group sessions?

Yes! Contact us to schedule one.

Is the work out intense?

Everyone breaks a sweat and like any fitness class, the level of intensity is up to you.