About Sayco

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Sayco’s love affair with art began at an early age. As a child, the pencil was his tool of choice and cartoon characters were his specialty. It wasn't long until he discovered the limitless possibilities of a paint brush. Over time he experimented with different techniques, devoured artistic content and committed himself fully to the craft. And like many passionate pursuits to this extreme, people started watching. His first exhibition was held in 2014 at the notable Prints Charming gallery in Toronto, Canada. This was just the beginning.

Meanwhile, Sayco’s journey into fitness began purely as a search for physical development, but quickly crossed paths with his passion for aesthetics. He became obsessed with developing life's most beautiful piece of art - the human body. Realizing fitness was just as much about physical beauty as it was about self expression, he began helping others achieve the same satisfaction by becoming a very special kind of trainer.

Today, H.I.I.P. Hype represents the culmination of Sayco’s hard work and dedication to both crafts and serves as the means through which he can spread his message to a larger audience - art and fitness can coexist beautifully.

Oh and ps - here is some of his latest work: